Karen Fu, M.D.
Medical Concierge Physician/Board Certified Family Practice
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Welcome to a professional medical practice where answers to your medical questions are just a phone call away, and your appointments take place when it's convenient for you.
As a Primary Care Physician, I specialize in preventative medicine and in personalizing a life plan for you, my patient.  I will integrate your personal health goals and desires.  Not only do I take into consideration your physical health and well-being, I take the time to understand your lifestyle and how it affects your wellness.

My medical concierge practice is like a step back in time, when doctors knew their patients and family by name.  Your relationship with me is simple and enhanced with the latest medical advances.  By limiting my practice size, you receive unlimited attention and personal care.
I provide you the tools and information you need to achieve a sense of balance in your life. I will educate you and research your specific concerns.

I treat medical conditions with compassion.  If you need a referral to a qualified specialist, I make sure the most recent technology is available for your treatment, and I continue to be closely involved in your care.
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